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Sky lessons

So, I confess that it was not love at first sight for me with the sky. I am naturally an ocean person. But since I am not one of those who lives by the beach or goes away on holiday every couple of months, the sky slowly grew on me..I have to add though with the constant reminder of my teacher Manoj Kaimal. One day, on holiday, I was frustrated that I was not close to the beach and in sheer despair I looked up at the sky, which though always above me, I generally overlooked and then the connection was formed. the sheer vastness, all encompassiveness of the sky seeped into my consciousness, connecting me to my stillness and vastness within, drawing me again and again to behold it’s stunning glory.

Like a lot of people living in big cities, I too spend half my life in the car. But now, the sky is my companion. As I drive in the morning after dropping my son off in college, instead of cursing at traffic jams I look to the skies and wait to be surprised. And I am always. Like a proud artist, she displays all her colours and creativity in breathtaking splendor, almost as though saying “look at me”!! inspiring me to always create my best work. Some other days she seems ash grey, colourless, plain. Yet when I just turn my head, seek another perspective, I see her brilliant colours as though teaching me to adopt the same ability to shift out of colourless areas of my life to areas that work with just a simple shift in my gaze and attention. Whenever my mind is caught up in frustrations and irritations, gazing at the sky reminds me of the big picture of life, allows me to put things in perspective and not let any one aspect of my life consume me. So.. Try the sky.. Namaste