Classes at Mat & Beyond Yoga Studio are Vinyasa based. Vinyasa simply means “arranging something in a special way”. In a vinyasa-based class, students are encouraged to coordinate movement with breath to flow from one asana to the next. Over a period of time it builds great stamina and strength and helps generate heat and lots of sweat too! 



Classes also use props like blocks, straps, chairs and ropes to intensify the experience by allowing the practitioner to release deeper and stay longer in asanas.



Each class ends with “shavasana”, a deep-relaxation session. This allows for the activation of the relaxation response from the nervous system and thus a chance for the body to regain its natural balance.

During shavasana, the body goes into a state of deep rest as the breath becomes slow, the blood pressure drops, the heart rate slows, fatigued muscles relax and anxiety levels drop.