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Empower Yourself Against Stress With Yoga

Stress is called many things and none of them complementary; the No. 1 killer, silent killer, killer disease to name a few. There is a whole gamut of illness associated with stress – ranging from anxiety, depression and digestive problems to heart disease, diabetes and memory impairment

To help combat the inevitable stress that comes with working in a corporate environment, Mat & Beyond Yoga presents specially designed Corporate Yoga Workshops. They are designed to empower participants with knowledge and tools which include specific breathing exercises to cope with stress effectively.

Dealing Work Stress with Yoga

Explore the intense mind-body-breath connection and understand how the psychology of stress affects the physiology of the body and vice versa.

Powerful awareness techniques that helps us to ground into the present moment and release stress-generating habitual patterns of thinking.

Specific breathing techniques that lowers stress by activating the relaxation response in the nervous system. This helps bring the body into a state of balance, homeostasis and energize and heal body and mind.

Effective asanas; back bends, forward Bends, lateral stretches and twists that can be done at the desk and at home. They can help to relieve tightness and tension in the neck, shoulders and spine that may have accumulated during the day.

Deep relaxation is a very powerful practice. It works on many levels to guide our bodies and minds to a state of deep rest and rejuvenation.

Meditation is now mainstream. It is now recognized and touted as the panacea to stress all over the world. A regular practice of meditation is a must. It connects us deeply with ourselves; to the wellspring of peace, joy, creativity and clarity that lies at the heart of each of us, and enables us to express and live from that space.

For more information on our corporate yoga workshops, please contact Shailaja at 012-951 9709 or drop us an email.

Corporate Yoga Workshops