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  • I joined Mat & Beyond in 2013, a few months after my chemotheraphy. I am a breast cancer survivor. And the best thing I did was to learn yoga under Ms Shailaja. She helped me gain the energy which i had lost during my treatment, to find a connection to my inner self and look beyond all odds. Yoga had helped me become a new ME. I found "myself" via yoga, thanks to my great teacher Shailaja. My kids attend the kids yoga class and they truly enjoy it. Priya
  • FOCUS is a basic and yet essential element in our daily life practice. I have difficulty on focusing, I always excuse myself not doing meditation since then. However, after one year joining yoga class in Mat & Beyond, I have better focusing under guidance of our lovely guru Ms. Shailaja who is always well FOCUS on our FOCUS practice. Not only that, I get to further understand the meaning of Focus that FOCUS ON WHAT CAN WE DO which means we are not comparing and competing to others. This FOCUS not only in yoga practice, it is also reflects in our daily life. Thus, I'm glad & lucky that I have a good yoga studio & an attractive and great guru nearby my place. Ms. Shailaja, you are my 1st & ever Yoga guru.... Thanks for your enthusiasm and FOCUS💖💝 San San
  • I've known Shailaja for about 18 years personally and as my yoga guru. It was from her that I even came to know about yoga. I was her first student and after a lapse of years, have become her student again. Shaily,all the best for an exciting future. Viji
  • It's been almost 2 years since I joined Mat & Beyond and have not looked back since.Yoga asanas are part of my routine and that after each class the body is totally relaxed and the soul nourished.I leave the studio feeling very contented.Looking forward to acquiring many more asanas. Thank you Shailaja Menon.....the dedicated yoga teacher Saratha
  • My journey of discovery into the world of yoga began in 2010 at Mat & Beyond. A few lines would not suffice to summarise the tremendous benefits the practise begets. I have grown stronger and more flexible over the years. I can easily do a headstand now, but am still working on touching my toes, haha. Ms Shailaja is a wonderful teacher who has devoted her attention and energy to propagating this most revered ancient practise. Her passion and dedication is evident when conducting the classes. Her clear and concise instructions make yoga easy to understand and follow. She also helps us explore the more subtle aspects of yoga including the body-mind connection, which is key to personal development. I highly recommend attending her classes! V. Chandran
  • I have been studying yoga under Mrs. Shailaja for few years now. Her ongoing guidance and support has enabled me to progress in my yoga journey. Even though, i have to travel a good 20 min to her studio, i do it minimum twice a week because of the benefits. Nothing is impossible in her class. She has many props to aid her students to achieve the difficult asanas. Learning under her has given me both physical and inner strength. Both my mind and body are more flexible now with yoga practice. Renuka Mailvaganam
  • "I am glad and thankful that I found Mat & Beyond Yoga centre which changed my life. I attend classes with my 15 year old daughter and we found health, vitality and strength both mentally and emotionally. It has been more than a year since we enrolled here and we are amazed with the benefits that we get from the classes. As for me personally, I came with issues like back pain, heel pain and stress, thank you to our teacher Ms Shailaja who helped me reduce all these problems. We are really grateful to our teacher Ms Shailaja, a professional instructor who is always alert in attending our individual needs. We will surely continue attending the classes in future and recommend to others." Yasu and Gouri
  • Shailaja Menon is my yoga teacher for the past five years. She does not only teach me yoga in the class but she has inspired me to go beyond the mat and apply the yoga concepts in my daily life. She has touched my life be it in building physical strength, in building emotional strength and spiritual strength as well. With the strength and wisdom, I am able to face the challenges in life. Alice Wong

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