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Asana Journal

Bless the contrast

As we go through many life experiences..some pleasant, some unpleasant, some that make us ecstatic, some that causes us to see our own capacity for rage and hatred; as we sift and sort through our emotions and try make sense of it, come to an understanding of it.. We come to the realization that the highest state is to be able to see the learning. When things don’t turn out the way we expected, when we can get past the sadness and the grief, what shines through like a glowing flame of wisdom, is the contrast through which we receive clarity of what exactly we do not want out of a situation, in a person; the clarity of what we truly seek in our lives.

If we were in a job situation with a boss from hell😁 – then it connects us to what is important in our lives; to be treated with respect and value; it also opens new streams of thinking as to whether maybe we should venture out into our own and be our own boss it holds good for any situation. If we suffer from ill-health, we appreciate the value of good health and we take steps to change patterns and improve our health. If we suffer mentally with agitation and reactivity then we yearn for peace which in turn would cause us to seek out a yoga class or a meditation course.. So in all ways we are being refined through these experiences to connect and live from our authentic state. And as we consciously release negative energies from our lives, it magically connect us to deep dormant reserves of positive energy that attracts similar persons and situations into our lives that enables us to evolve into our highest possibilities..our greatest selves..So bless the contrast.

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