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Flexibility is Underrated

I was just leaving after teaching a yoga class this morning when this line by a student struck a chord.. “Flexibility; not of the body, but of the mind, is underrated!! In the world today”.The words ran so true especially in this era of rising fanaticism, hardening stances, rigid beliefs, with people becoming more closed and insular rather than the other way around.
The regular practice of asana brings about flexibility not just of the body but also in our we strive to release and lengthen our hamstrings through paschimotanasana and uttanasana, we also learn to consciously breathe, be present to the moment; even if it includes resistance, in appreciation and gratitude, to release images of how a forward bend “should be” as in touch my toes etc…and flow in acceptance of how it reveals itself to us now!!

Flexibility of the mind encourages us to relax and become a little more open about our beliefs and ideas about how things and people should be, to become more accommodative to diverse views and perspectives; even if we don’t understand or endorse it, to hang loose so to say; in the awareness that life is not painted a rigid black or white, in terms of conditions and judgements, and that shades of grey may provide opportunities to greater learning and growth.