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Asana Journal

The search.. For myself!

I am the first to admit that as far back as I can remember I have been a seeker. I have no idea what it was that I was looking for, all I knew was that there was this void inside me that I was constantly trying to fill. This sense of incompleteness left me restless, discontented, anxious.. And searching. I read voraciously, opened my mind to new concepts, new ways of thinking and being, I listened to spiritual talks, attended classes, looked to other people; teachers, relatives, friends and at some point yoga entered my the beginning I did it because it felt good, but when trials tested me i poured myself into my practice and my connection with myself deepened; the restlessness and the seeking became less and less..and as my connection to universal energy that flows in and as me strengthened.. The need to look to other people and relationships to fill the void disappeared.. And as I continue to express and strengthen my connection to source through my creative endeavors..the questions become less as clarity increases..So while we seek and open our minds through whatever means available.. We must earnestly seek that connection to ourselves..our centre..and it is a conscious seeking.. Through our connection with nature, through our asana practice, other sitting practices, journaling, whatever works for us.. Everyday we must put some time aside to strengthen our inner connection.. The ultimate relationship.. With ourselves!