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Asana Journal

Make the Time

As a yoga teacher I have the privilege of meeting so many students..and one of the most commonly heard reasons for not coming to class is lack of time. And I find myself wondering.. How can anything else be more important than making the sacred time and space to connect to ourselves.. To be centered and grounded.. As it is from there.. That I draw the strength to manage the many diverse facets of my life. The way I see it.. our yoga class/practice is a gift we give ourselves; to make that all-important shift from the all-consuming outer world to our subtle but powerful inner worlds, to find that space in ourselves, beyond the many roles and identities; mother, sister, daughter, wife, teacher, writer, cook n chauffeur that we don since we wake up each morning, to reconnect again and again to the universal energy that pulses through us all, to come face-to-face with the workings of our minds, to feel the pulse of our emotions, as we receive our breath with every inhale and exhale, to find our ability to receive life as IS and to tune into our inner guidance system to receive the urgings of our soul. Seriously.. What could be more important? So the next time you are tempted to skip your practice…here’s some food for thought.