Yoga Shakti

Awaken Your Own Power

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Yoga Shakti”, Awaken Your Own Power, is a book that seeks to inspire people to the philosophy of yoga. It encourages people to connect to their inner selves, live their authentic selves and express their light, based on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. It offers a unique perspective; that the path of yoga, helps us to connect to our inner selves, so that we truly know ourselves and live from that space. And in the process, we live more authentically, in tune with our inner nature, our svadharma.

Everything that we practice in class, from turning our attention to; our bodies in asana (posture) practice, our breath in pranayama (breathing practices), the subtle workings of the mind and its patterns, only serves the larger context of deepening and enhancing our moment-to-moment awareness and thus facilitating a deeper engagement with ourselves. This awareness eventually permeates our lives outside class as well and translates into conscious skilful living.


Need for the book

The target readership for my book are men and women in their 30’s and 40’s who are seeking a more conscious and authentic way of living. I believe the book has a huge potential to fill a void in the readers’ lives today as according to worldwide statistics, anxiety and depression are on the rise. According to a recent 2017 WHO report, depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide, and is a major contributor to the overall global burden of disease. Today more than ever, people lead disconnected lives; disconnected from who they really are, what moves them, what brings them joy, what inspires them, what is it they fear? And this disconnection manifests in restlessness and agitation in every area of their lives; from jobs to relationships with others to a relationship with themselves. As a result, they move from relationship to relationship, from job to job with the same angst following them. So it is more vital than ever that people are guided to make the inner connection in the quest to live authentic and fulfilling lives.

What Others Say

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“Only a person who has seen life at such close quarters and then phoenix like risen from its lowest point to carve a space for herself on the tallest hill, who has trod firmly through the tiny bylanes of the mind, understanding its intricate twists and turns, can pen down a text as lucid and coherent as “Own Your Power”.
To be able to so simply put forth the deep and profound knowledge of the subject as vast as Yoga and bring it within the purview of the common man requires experiential understanding which Shailaja displays with ease and élan. Her passion for Yoga comes across in the tiny details she has paid attention to in every paragraph. An innovative style of presentation indeed!

I wish her and her book immense success!”

Kamlesh Barwal

International Director, Sri Sri Yoga

Shailaja Menon’s energy, experience, sincerity and wisdom shines throughout this book. She makes what could be an esoteric subject not only accessible but something you can use in your daily life. “Own your Power” extends the physical exercises of Yoga into mental empowerment and, even into spiritual fulfillment, which was the original intention of Yoga. I highly recommend it!

Tunku Halim
Malaysian novelist, short story, non-fiction writer and lawyer.

Shailaja draws from ancient, modern, Eastern and Western resources and tucked into the text are wonderful quotes to inspire or elicit a chuckle — but the core structure of her book derives from the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, an ancient text at the heart of the Yoga science. Informed by eighteen years of counseling her students, she offers a bridge between the Sutras and our daily experience. She guides us to examine our choices and hold them up to the standards of Yoga. Each chapter ends with a recommendation of postures and introspection’s for personal practice.

Shailaja herself is a testament to the effectiveness of yoga and the proof of what she teaches. From the quiet and reserved student who came to me in 1999 she has been transformed into great and beautiful Light – a confident and joyous soul. As she faced her personal challenges she experimented with the solutions offered through yoga and found them effective, every time. May her devotion to Yoga ever deepen and guide her as she continues in her blessed service to humanity. OM Shanthi, Shanthi, Shanthi.

Mataji Divyananada

Shailaja’s First yoga teacher

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